BBC / Your Display – Website Accessibility and Customisation Tool

In 2009 Richard worked as a lead developer for a EMC scrum team working within the BBC to prototype better solutions for enabling all BBC websites to be more accessible to those with visual impairments.

The final prototype was a web-based application allowing users to customise the look of all BBC websites, through an innovative proxy system which re-rendered content from websites in real time. This gave users the ability to force alterations to for instance font-size, colour themes and images. Enabling them to more easily read content on BBC websites.

Utilising the Java and tools from the spring frame-work including MVC, views were rendered from velocity templates and returned to client site code using JSON where JavaScript was used to deliver the re-rendered content.

Storage of user customisations was accomplished with a MySQL database and Hibernate. As lead developer Richard was responsible for core development, liaising with interactive developers and platform architects within the BBC to deliver the finished application.