Nvision – Post trading platform

Developed by a team from EMC and VMWare, Nvision is an innovative, resilient, distributed, message driven post-trading application created using Java for NewEdge, a financial trade brokerage and clearing house in the City of London.

Working as a member a combined software engineering team for EMC Consulting and VMWare, Richard worked as a software engineer on the messaging based application.

Nvision (Pulse) was developed from the outset as a scalable distributed application capable of handling 1000’s of trades per second and providing instant information on trades in breaks via a web based user interface.

Using projects from Spring and Gemfire and written primarily in Java and utilising RabbitMQ to manage the 1000’s of trades a second.. The application was hosted across international sites, utilising a GemFire data grid, Spring Integration for messaging pipelines and transformations and User Interface built using Velocity Templates, Spring MVC and JSON.